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Tony Medina is running for Overland Park City Council. The primary is August 3, 2021.

Tony is a candidate for Overland Park City Council in Ward 2. His goal is to represent the residents by engaging and listening to them. He will make decisions based upon the input of the residents and use common sense to do the right thing, without the influence of special interests. Overland Park is a wonderful place to live – and Tony is proud to call it home for the last 11 years.

Tony joined his neighbors to oppose the massive apartment development at Ranch Mart South last year. This success led to his increased awareness of local government and the issues concerning Overland Park residents. Tony is running for City Council to work for the residents, to ensure Overland Park continues to be a wonderful place to call home. Tony will work to protect neighborhoods from large developments that are too tall and too close to single-family homes.

Tony believes economic development investments such as Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) and Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) can be powerful tools when applied in a critical and impactful manner. Each TIF or CID request should be thoroughly analyzed to ensure it makes sense for the future of Overland Park.  We offer a great place for businesses to develop and expand without negatively impacting future tax revenues.

Infrastructure defines the city and the quality of life offered to its residents. From roads and bridges to social services and recreation facilities, Overland Park should be committed to providing outstanding infrastructure services to residents. 

  • Tony will collaborate to solve the problem of chip seal on our neighborhood roads, which has been the number one complaint of residents for many years. He believes road and bridge maintenance should be a priority and all options should be part of the discussion.
  • As an advocate for mental health, specifically suicide awareness and prevention, Tony knows firsthand the importance of access to mental health resources and is committed to ensuring Overland Park is a leader in providing these social services.
  • Tony wants to protect education funding by being more cautious in approving TIFs.
  • Tony believes preservation and maintenance of our city parks and other recreational facilities should remain a priority for the enjoyment of residents.
  • Environmental impact programs like the stormwater management cost-sharing program and the tree & shrub seedling giveaways should be continued and additional programs explored.
  • As a rescue dog dad, Tony wants Overland Park to have animal ordinances based upon science, not long-held unproven myths. He cherishes the relationship between Overland Park and Great Plains SPCA, and hopes it continues well into the future.

Tony has proven he can listen, learn, and lead. He is committed to providing a dialog with residents by regularly holding community meetings, sharing timely updates, and being responsive to their needs. Tony wants to have more open conversations where different opinions are welcome and valued in order to find the best solutions. He wants the residents to trust in their elected officials once again.


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